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The Community-Driven 'Disney'
Hello Pets is designed to bring joy to your life. Our goal is to let our cute pet characters accompany you in as many ways as possible, and to spread a relaxed and cheerful lifestyle to every corner of the world. We empower our adorable pets by building an open entertainment ecosystem that includes movies, gaming metaverse, virtual idols, fashion products, toys and many more. By offering a suite of creator tools, we aim to fully unleash the creative potential of the community and become the community-driven ‘Disney’.
Digital Applications
Hello Pets aims to create an innovative filmmaking ecosystem that brings NFT holders, artists, and the communities together. In this ecosystem, NFT characters serve as movie roles, artists contribute to content production and the communities have the opportunity to participate in the storytelling.
Playing a game with famous NFT characters will be a lot of fun. We support game developers to integrate famous NFT characters into their games by providing them with carefully crafted 3D models, 3D rigging, various kinds of animations, and most importantly, the IP authorization of the NFT holders.
It is very exciting to enjoy a fantastic show performed by your beloved NFT characters on your table. We make many NFT collections available to appear in most mainstream AR & VR applications, including Snapchat Lenses, Tiktok effects, many AR & VR games and other applications, providing people with the most immersive experience.
Building and exploring an open world full of your beloved NFT characters would be an enjoyable journey. Hello Pets provides an open world where artists, developers, communities and partners can come together to create their own paradise of NFT collections with stunning visual experiences and infinite possibilities.
Creator Toolkits
To unleash the creative potential of the community, we will provide various art tools to lower the threshold for creating, enabling everyone to express their ideas.
Meme Generator
Video Generator
Music Generator
AI Tools
3D Model Generator
Game Creator
Physical Applications
Home Decor
Making your home full of your beloved NFT characters would be a delightful experience. Hello Pets design both the 3D model and the texture of the home decor, which will enable your NFT characters to appear on your furniture and decorations like pillows, beds, sofas, and many others, bringing you a smile each time you catch a glimpse of them.
Lego-like Toys
Lego-like toys can be seen as a metaverse in the physical world. We design 3D models and blueprints for NFT characters and scenes, and make them available for the manufacturing of figures and Lego-like building blocks, aiming to create an assemblable physical metaverse to bring us unique experiences in the real world.
What will happen when NFTs meet fashion? Wearing your favorite NFTs' clothes, hats, bags and sneakers will keep your NFTs with you all the time and express your unique style and . The fashion design offered by Hello Pets seamlessly blends the NFT elements and the fashion elements, which will be more than you can ever imagine.

Meow Meow Collection

Our delightful journey starts with a collection of unique and adorable kittens, which we lovingly refer to as"Meow Meows". Each Meow Meow is absolutely unique, covering a wide range of popular breeds such as Ragdolls, Siamese, and many more. Every additional trait is carefully designed to reflect a range of emotions, cultures, and interests, so you can always find one that resonates with you :)